Roaring 20s Mood Board

Leonardo di Caprio´s interpretation of The Great Gatsby has been a great inspiration for our Roaring 20s Mood Board

Those were years when automation became one of the dominant themes, with the new industrial innovations, the airplane, the car and the first home appliances that were starting to free the woman from the heaviness of the house chores. This lead to start using more and more geometries in the decor, and reducing excessive floral and curvy decor of the previous art Nouveau style.

A new society of wealth appeared with a desire of ostentation and luxury. Preferred materials were gold and guilt, velvets, crystals, mosaic, marble and everything that evoked the extravagance, the exotic, the luxurious.

Several Hotels are now creating interiors inspired by the Roaring twenties, perhaps because of a nostalgia of those lighthearted days and outstanding economic boom.

Here is our Roaring 20s Mood Board.