The Work of Peter Costello – When the wall becomes a showstopper

We are always happy to work with the talented Peter Costello and his team from Applied Art Studios in one of our projects to create a showstopper wall or ceiling.

When it comes to decorating a room, we focus very much in what is the finish of the surfaces, that define the entire feel.

I always thought that to have a beautiful home the home must be beautiful without furniture. The finish, the light, the volumes that it has, should be already showing the right energies and how to organize furniture and live it.

The work of Peter is very much that to us. It gives the spaces an elegance and definition that make it so natural to continue the work with the furniture and the other layers of decor.

He does fine murals, frescoes and stucco works that bring me back to my years around historic homes, castles and villas around Italy. I can’t wait to work with you Peter on our next project.