Tuscany Mood Board

One of our clients asked to have our vision of Tuscany and its beauty in interior design through a mood board.

Italy’s interiors create soft atmospheres for the silent rooms in the large houses, the slow growth of vegetation on the pergolas, the subtle smell of humidity in its interiors. Summer brings new scents of lavender and grape, and the hot days and in the freshness of a country’s sunset looking at the valley and sipping a glass of strong Chianti wine.

To recreate this style you need an abundance of cold materials and dark wood. Stone floors, linen bedding, soft organza curtains. The walls are bare, with dark oil canvas on a carved wood frame. Fresh country flowers on a coffee table. Time is slow, you may even want to hear an old clock ticking it. Outside, on the stone paved patio, a fresh fountain, wisterias and olive trees.

Here is our mood board.